Ķīmiskās fizikas institūts


Institute of Chemical Physics consists of Nanomaterials Lab, Quantum Chemistry Lab, Nanooptics Lab, Radiation Chemistry Lab, Electron Accelerator's Lab and Secondary Standard Dosimetry Lab SSDL. All laboratories are grouped in 2 departments acoording to their specialization.

Department of Nanotechnologies (manager D. Erts)

Nanomaterials Lab (manager D. Erts)

The main research directions - investigation of properties and possible applications of nanostructured materials such as nanowires, nanotubes, nanoparticles.

Quantum Chemistry Lab (manager Ģ. Barinovs)

Main research areas - molecular dynamics calculations and quantum chemistry of molecules, small clusters and solids, chemical physics of condensed matter, computer simulation of defect processes in the bulk and on the surface of solids, development of the embedded molecular cluster model for the study of processes in the solids, theoretical studies of surface adsorption, dissolution and heterogeneous catalysis. The lab supports experimental work with simulations of nano electro-mechanical devices (switches) based on germanium nanowires. This includes electrostatic interaction of the electrode with the induced surface charge of the nano-wire, the adhesion force at contact, the mechanical deformation of the nano-wire subjected to the electrostatic and adhesion forces.

Nanooptics Lab (manager J. Prikulis)

Main research areas - conductivity, mechanical, electric, optical properties of nanowires, nanotubes, nanoparticles.

Department of Radiation Processes (manager G. Ķizāne)

Radiation Chemistry Lab (manager E. Pajuste)

Main research areas - radiation processes in solids, radiation stability of materials, influence of a high intensity magnetic field on processes stimulated by radiolysis in solids and development of new materials and technologies for fusion energy devices as well as sterilization of different medicals, pharmaceuticals and modification of electronic integrated circuits.

Electron Accelerator's Lab (manager A. Vītiņš)

Main researches - investigation of specific processes under separate or simultaneous action of the magnetic field and ionizing radiation at the different temperature regimes.

Secondary Standard Dosimetry Lab (manager O. Skrypnik)

Provides paid services of testing and verification of radiometers, dosimeters, accessories for x-ray devices.