The Institute of Chemical Physics (ICP) of the University of Latvia brings together researchers for interdisciplinary studies of physics, chemistry, and materials science, as well as for collaboration with industry to develop new technologies and to promote the implementation of them into the national economy. ICP is an integrated unit of the University of Latvia. The main research areas are the properties of nanostructured materials, individual nanocomponents and their architectures, as well as hybrid materials and their applications, radiation processes in solids, radiation resistance of materials, influence of strong magnetic fields on radiation-stimulated processes in solids, development of new materials and technologies for fusion energy, properties of fusion fuel stored in materials.

ICP as a member of National Research Centre "Nanostructured and multifunctional materials, design and technology" closely cooperates with:

  • Faculties of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, University of Latvia;
  • Institutes of Solid State Physics, Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, Microbiology and Biotechnology, University of Latvia;
  • Riga Technical University;
  • Institute of Organic Synthesis.

ICP researchers actively participate in education:

  • lecturing in the Faculties of Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, University of Latvia;
  • supervising bachelor's, master's and doctoral thesis works;
  • promoting students and researchers visits to the world's leading scientific centres within various international projects and programmes;
  • organising various science and nanotechnology promotion activities, such as Researchers' night, Euronanoforum 2015, etc.